"Exposed Self Image" is a series of drawings to expose that which we love about ourselves, or are self-conscious of. If you’re interested in participating, please send an email to I’ll need a reference photo, as well as two or three sentences explaining your insecurity/self love (they can be anonymous)!

Image 01: self portrait. "I'm constantly learning to love every little twist and curve. This body has kept me going all these years, how could I not see the beauty in that?"

Image 02: modelled by my lovely sister Lianna. “In the past I avoided profile shots, un-tagging myself in every one. But then I realized, who the hell cares! I’m beautiful at every angle.”

Image 03: modelled by the beautiful limi morraine. “I feel really insecure about my skin condition rosacea that causes my nose to always be red.”

Image 04: modelled by the gorgeous Jasmine Rankin. “I personally hate my boobs they're way too small.”

Image 05: modelled by the beautiful Annabella Gago. “One of the biggest insecurities is my smile, but maybe it's not as bad as I think.”

Image 06: modelled by the talented Jillian Mercado. “I love how long my eyelashes are and how big my lips are & sometimes Insecure about how skinny I am [but] am super over that, I love my body.”

Image 07: modelled by the lovely Margareta Tilošanec. “I’m a sucker for heels, but my feet are turned inwards. When a stranger said ‘Look at those shoes! You look lovely!’ my insecurity disappeared."

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