Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New Year, New Work!

Wow it has been so long since I've been in a position to post some new things! 2016 has started off right away, though unfortunately I'm unable to share any of that work with you all yet. Most thing's won't even be up until June, due to discretion. So for now I thought I'd show you a quick doodle I worked on yesterday, and go through some things to expect for this year.

Well so far in January, I've been working on some commissioned illustrations, as well as continued designs for some clients. But the most exciting new update is the upcoming launch of my new web page "joddi invitations" in June! Lately I've been creating invitations for a few people, and decided to put everything in one section. Through the years I have loved wedding invitations and designs, and one day I decided to take my love for wedding design to the next level! Countless times I have witnessed the cookie-cutter template invitations being used, and I knew it just had to be more personal than that.

Until "joddi invitations" launches in June, for now I'm still taking on wedding requests! Just send an email to oddi.jessica@gmail.com to book a consultation. It's time to ditch the templates, and get invitations that match your special day.

Until next time,

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